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In this talk for 5x15, author Jo Marchant discusses the connections between the mind and the immune system, and how we might harness conditioning and the placebo effect to revolutionise medicine.

Mosaic celebrates its second year anniversary in March. To mark this, we'll be sharing a series of 15min talks featuring Mosaic writers and stories produced in association with the inspiration and ideas series 5x15.

In this episode we hear from author Jo Marchant. You can find her story You can train your body into thinking its had medicine on Mosaic.

Jo Marchant is an award-winning science journalist based in London. She has a PhD genetics and medical microbiology from St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College in London, and an MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College London. She has worked as an editor at New Scientist and Nature and her articles have appeared in publications including the Guardian, Wired UK, The Observer Review, and New Scientist. Her radio and TV appearances include BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week and Today programmes, CNN and National Geographic. Her most recent book, Cure, is a remarkable scientific examination into the relationship between our minds and our bodies.

This talk was recorded at London's Conway Hall on 16 March 2016 as part of the 5x15-Mosaic event 'Stories from the future of medicine'.

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