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Vanessa Potter

Vanessa Potter


Before she came to science communication, Vanessa had spent 16 years as an award-winning broadcast producer working in the London advertising industry. Then, in October 2012, fate conspired to turn the lights out on her, and overnight she found herself blind and unable to walk. 

Vanessa’s response to her illness was to document the entire journey via an mp3 player. Her curiosity and quest for answers led her to Cambridge University, persuading neuroscientists to help her research her incredible visual rebirth. After collaborating on an EEG project that invited members of the public to see and hear their own mindful brainwaves translated into music and art, Vanessa was invited to give a TEDx talk in Ghent. Vanessa published her first book, Patient H69: The Story of my Second Sight, in 2017.

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