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Srinath Perur

Srinath Perur


Srinath Perur finished his doctoral work in computer science and, for a change, began a column that answered children’s questions on science. He found himself doing more research than ever to fend off queries about why dogs chase cars and whether there is such a thing as a consequence-free post-meal headstand. He now writes on a variety of subjects, often related to travel and science. He is the author of If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai, a book about travelling with groups. He lives in Bangalore.

Srinath’s stories

  • Kong, a former Khmer Rouge soldier who lost his leg during the war with Vietnam, treats his phantom limb with mirror therapy.

    The mirror man

    Phantom pain, experienced in missing limbs, tortures amputees and puzzles scientists. Srinath Perur cycles round Cambodia with a man who treats it with mirrors.