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Shayla Love

Shayla Love


Shayla Love is a science journalist based in Brooklyn and a staff writer at Vice for its health and medicine section, Tonic. She has a Master’s degree from Columbia University in science, environment and medicine journalism. Her writing has appeared in Mosaic, STAT, Undark, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, the Kenyon Review, the Atlantic, Vice, Harper’s Magazine, Gothamist and BKLYNR. 

Her work has won a Best Feature award from the Asian American Journalists Association and the Next Generation of Science Journalists Award from the World Health Summit, and has been shortlisted for Best Feature in the 2018 Association of British Science Writers Awards. She has been invited to or attended fellowships at the Mayo Clinic, the Broad Institute, the Marine Biological Laboratory at Wood Hole and the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting.

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