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Lyra McKee

Lyra McKee


Lyra McKee’s mother, when asked what her daughter was like growing up, tells the story of how while some mothers heard “Mummy, Mummy” in their sleep, she heard “Why? Why?”. No answer, she says, could ever satisfy her daughter. That natural-born curiosity inevitably led Lyra to a career in journalism.

Lyra wrote mostly about crime and the legacy of the conflict known as the Troubles in her native Northern Ireland. She was also an advocate for LBGTQI+ rights. When she wasn't writing, she also worked as a chambermaid and general servant to an 11-year-old tortoiseshell called Big Marie.

Lyra was shot and killed in Derry on 18 April 2019.


Lyra’s stories

  • The fight of your life

    Boxers know they risk injury in the ring. But there’s a more insidious danger they don’t often talk about: the long-term brain damage that repeated blows to the head can cause. Lyra McKee meets the families who are breaking the silence.

  • Illustration of a man broken into parts next to a CND symbol

    Suicide of the Ceasefire Babies

    In Northern Ireland, more people took their own lives in the 16 years after the Troubles than died during them. Why? Lyra McKee finds out.