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Kat Arney

Kat Arney


Dr Kat Arney is a science writer and broadcaster living in London – not so much the female Brian Cox, more the Nigella of science. By day she is a science communicator, award-winning blogger, podcaster and media spokesperson for the charity Cancer Research UK. By night she writes for outlets such as the New Scientist, the Guardian and the BBC. She has presented several science documentaries on BBC Radio 4, co-presents the ‘Naked Scientists’ BBC 5Live radio show and podcast, and presents and produces a monthly ‘Naked Genetics’ podcast.

Kat is currently working on her first book, Herding Hemingways Cats, to be published by Bloomsbury Sigma, and plays harp and other instruments with the bands Talk in Colour and Sunday Driver in her spare time. She is also one of the ‘Top 10 Brits who make science sexy’, according to BBC America, and doesn't sleep much.

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