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Jane Feinmann

Jane Feinmann


Jane Feinmann is a freelance science journalist who has won several awards for articles for daily newspapers, mainly on the subject of patient safety and human error. She writes regularly for the Daily Mail’s health section. She is a long-standing contributor to the BMJ’s Christmas charity appeals, with an ambition to use her skills in turning complex scientific data into accurate, accessible copy to promote altruistic global initiatives.

In 2017, she was awarded Freelance of the Year award by the Medical Journalists' Association, for a portfolio of work published by Mosaic, the Daily Mail and the BMJ.

She has produced radio programmes, including Radio 4’s To Err is Human (October 2009). In 2016 she chaired a highly successful meeting of the Guild of Health Writers entitled ‘Can Diet Cure Diabetes?’, which brought together GPs, dietary experts, Department of Health clinicians and patients to debate this hugely important subject.

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