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Henry Nicholls

Henry Nicholls


Henry Nicholls studied zoology at Cambridge, spent a year living with meerkats in the Kalahari, before amassing one of the world’s largest collections of avian ejaculates in the name of his doctoral research. Sensing it was time for a career change, he became a science journalist in 2003, specialising in evolution, conservation and the history of science. He has written four books – Lonesome GeorgeThe Way of the PandaThe Galapagos and Sleepyhead. He lives in London with his wife and two sons. 

Henry’s stories

  • Why we still don’t understand sleep, and why it matters

    Shortly after his 21st birthday, Henry Nicholls began to experience symptoms of narcolepsy, a debilitating disorder that’s plagued him ever since. Sleep research is progressing, so why are he and others like him still waiting for a cure?

  • In conversation with… Jane Goodall

    As Jane Goodall turns 80, Henry Nicholls talks to her about her remarkable career studying chimpanzee behaviour, her animal welfare activism, and accusations of plagiarism in her latest book.