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Frank Swain

Frank Swain


Frank Swain writes and talks about science. He has a history of making zines, being a filthy scenester, stage-managing burlesque shows, climbing buildings, harrying his betters, arguing the toss and generally being a force for good.

Frank is Communities Editor at New Scientist, and has written for the Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Wired, New Scientist, BBC Focus, BBC Future, Slate, Microbiologist, Stylist, Salon, IET, Rhizome and Plastic Rhino, among others. He is the creator of Futures Exchange on Medium and SciencePunk at National Geographic’s ScienceBlogs portal. His broadcast work includes developing and presenting programs for BBC Radio 4 and Bravo. Previously, he worked at the Royal Statistical Society, heading a government-funded project to develop science workshops for journalists.

His first book, How to Make a Zombie, was published in 2013 by OneWorld Publications.

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