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We want as many people to read our stories as possible, so we’ve made it simple for others to take our content and reuse it.

Our articles are published under a Creative Commons licence. This means that anyone can copy and distribute the work and use it commercially. The key condition is that you must attribute the work to the original author and to Mosaic, including a link, and you must indicate if any changes have been made.

We use two Creative Commons licences, which differ in whether the text can be adapted without permission.

Creative Commons Attribution

Most of our text features have a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence (CC BY 4.0), which means that the text can be adapted and republished without asking us for permission. It’s a licence that makes it easy for someone to put an article on their own website or blog, to translate it into another language, to abridge text to fit an available print space (so long as the fact that changes have been made to the original is acknowledged) or to excerpt for audiences who like reading 600 words instead of 3,000.

Creative Commons Attribution No-derivatives

Some of our features have a Creative Commons Attribution No-derivatives 4.0 licence (CC BY ND 4.0). This means that you need to get our permission to republish an edited or changed version of the text. If you would like to republish an adapted version, please contact us.

Commercial use

We encourage magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs to take our content and reuse it. And we are happy for others to make a profit from our features, through advertising or subscriptions. In fact, we’d be delighted if our work helps media outlets that want to cover exciting science to thrive.


Most of the images on our site are copyright of the photographer or illustrator who created them and are not available under Creative Commons. You cannot use these images without the creator’s permission. We also provide some images, under a CC BY 4.0 licence, that may be copied, shared and adapted for free. You will find the name of the creator and the copyright and licence information listed alongside each image on our site.

If you’d like to use any of the images on our site, please contact us.


Our films include copyrighted music so aren’t available under Creative Commons. They are all on YouTube and can be embedded on other sites. If you would like to republish or use one of our films but cannot embed from YouTube, please contact us.


The republish button at the end of each article provides the full HTML of the text, without images or other media. A full RSS feed of our stories is also available.


If you’d like a file of the Mosaic logo to use, please contact us.

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