• Homesick in the modern world

    What does it mean to be homesick in 2015, and does technology help or hinder us when we move to a new place? John Osborne revisits his past to find out.

  • Oh, Vienna!

    We sent photographer Samuel Bradley to Vienna to reimagine John Osborne’s year there.

  • How to mend a broken heart

    The need to mend broken hearts has never been greater. But what if we could simply manufacture a new one? Alex O’Brien studies the legacy of Texan surgeons and artificial hearts.

  • Could a dead heart save lives?

    Surgeons say they have performed the first transplant using a 'dead' heart. Could this fill the deficit of donor hearts?

  • Hacking the nervous system

    One nerve connects your vital organs, sensing and shaping your health. If we learn to control it, the future of medicine will be electric. By Gaia Vince.

  • Bioelectric dreams

    Treating disease could become far more precise by using bioelectronics rather than drugs.

  • Coming up on Mosaic

    Having stamped out a number of serious tropical diseases,including malaria, decades ago, is America now complacent about a new wave of infectious disease? Carrie Arnold reports.