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    Debate: Is sexuality genetic?

    Watch our discussion, on Google+ or YouTube, on one of science’s #BigQuestions.

  • Coming up on Mosaic

    Roger Highfield reports on patients with brain injuries, trapped in the grey area between life and death. And in part 8 of Last Chance Saloon, Twink explores what the future holds for neuroscience and mental health.

  • In conversation with… Jane Goodall

    As Jane Goodall turns 80, Henry Nicholls talks to her about her remarkable career studying chimpanzee behaviour, her animal welfare activism, and accusations of plagiarism in her latest book.

  • How malaria defeats our drugs

    On the border between Thailand and Myanmar, scientists are preparing to make a last stand against malaria, just as it is poised to overcome our last effective drug. Ed Yong reports.

  • Killer dust

    Why is asbestos still killing people? Nic Fleming finds out in a twisting tale of industry cover-ups and misinformation that spans decades.

  • Removal men

    Images from a day with an asbestos removal company.